Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Dad was named after two of his uncles.

My father's uncle, Herman Heinrich Sieder, whom he was named after.
My father's uncle, Carl Nahrung, where his middle name came from, only with a "K".

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Herman K. and Mary R. Sieder

Mom and Dad before my brother or I were born. They met at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky and were married in 1952.

Herman Karl Sieder

My dad was a marine in WW2. He liked to hike and climb mountains. He was trained as an aeronautical engineer, but became a minister of the gospel after God changed his life. He and my mother were very committed to spreading the good news of the gospel.

Ernest and Esther's Family

My father is at the top of this strange piece of wood. Dorothy, his sister, is in the middle at the bottom. Ernest and Esther traveled quite a bit and took home movies as well as still pictures. They visited all 48 continental states.

Esther Sieder and Jewel Boothby

Both my grandmothers came to visit our family in Costa Rica when my parents were missionaries there in the 1950's. Here they are on top of the local volcano, Mt. Irazu.

Karoline and Ernst Heinrich Sieder

Individual photos of my great-grandparents. They were from Steinheim and Affalterbach, two small places that still exist near Ludwigsburg, north of Stuttgart.

Jewel Reine Kellum Boothby

My mother's mother, I knew her well most of my life into adulthood. She was very sweet and made wonderful cakes and pies. If she tried to act forcefully, you could tell it took all of the effort she could pull together to do it. She was so heartbroken after her husband Sam died that she only lived two more years. She passed away at 89 years old in 1990.

Ernest and Esther Sieder

My grandfather was a photographer and developer and probably did this photo himself. He died before I was born, but I knew my grandmother as a child and remember her to be very sweet, just like my other grandmother.

My Grandparent's Wedding

Ernest G. Sieder married Esther M. Nahrung in this photo taken after 1909 when Ernest's mother died. Three of my great-grandparents are in this photo as well. Ernst H. Sieder is seated next to his son, the groom, and Anna B. and Charles J. Nahrung are seated next to the bride. I believe Hulda Sieder, sister of the groom, is standing behind her father and next to her is Ruby Nahrung. Clara Nahrung is on the right in the back with her hair parted in the middle. Both Ruby and Clara are sisters of the bride. The boy in front is Otto Nahrung, brother of the bride.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

The man in the middle is my grandfather, Ernest, and the girl on the left end would be my grandmother's sister, Clara, while the girl on the right end would be my grandmother's sister, Ruby.

Mary Reine Boothby

Mom when she was very young. Her sister, my aunt Jean, had a similar photo and my grandmother kept both of them on the dining room wall all the time I was growing up.

Coming Over From Germany

My great-grandfather, Ernst H. Sieder came over from Germany with his wife, Karoline, two sons, Ernst and Herman and a newborn daughter who died in Kansas before she was a year old. Three more daughters were born in Kansas. The photo of all five surviving children is a previous post below. They settled in Kansas in the 1880's. I believe this must have been taken in Germany before the first daughter was born.

Sieder Family From Kansas

This is the Sieder Family from Enterprise, KS in the 1890's. The oldest boy is my grandfather, Ernest G. Sieder. Herman H. Sieder was his brother and the girls were Emily, Hulda and Clara Maria.

Samuel Boothby

This is my mother's father, Samuel Boothby. He would not have been eighteen yet when he went off to France in WW1.

Dorothy and Herman Sieder

This is my father with his older sister around 1922. They lived in Flint, Michigan.